Family Migration Artifact

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"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."  Martin Luther King, Jr.


Our Family Migration History: Who Are We?

We tell our own families' migration stories through presenting a family migration artifact and explaining its meaning for us and our families. Here you may learn:  

  • where did they come from
  • when did they come to the United States
  • why did they leave their homelands


Where did your family come from?

Some of us came to the US quite recently (since 1965):

Some of us have been here quite a while (before 1965):

 Nicole Almanza, Spain 1800s

Tyler Arthur, Norway, Canada late 1900s

Vanessa Calzada, Mexico (Chihuahua) 1952

Luke Emerson, Ireland

Bobbi Fisher, Italy 1890s

Melissa Fitz, Germany late 1800s

Caleb Mcgee, Nigeria 1830s

Sarah Niemann, Germany WWII

Alonzo Tohtsonie, Navaho

Samantha Weller, Czek Republic 1880s

dr k, Italy, Ukraine e1900s